Advantages and disadvantages of a cheap website

You have finally decided to take the step to digitize your business. But now you are at a crossroads: do you make the web yourself or hire someone?

It is true that making a website is not complicated, but you may be afraid that with your basic knowledge, you will not achieve the expected result. And, surely, you have already requested some budgets. The most attractive option for you, of course, is the most economical.

It may seem like a good idea to you, but do you know the great risk you are taking when opting for a cheap or cheap web design?

Pros and cons of low cost web pages

You have a limited budget and therefore you have decided to accept the cheapest budget. Right now it may seem like a very good idea to you, but have you considered the advantages and disadvantages when deciding to hire this service? Let us help you:

Advantages of cheap web pages

  • They are cheaper
  • Being so simple, they are operational in a short time

Disadvantages of cheap websites

cheap web design

  • The templates used in the design are standard, that is, the same ones used by your competition.
  • They are not optimized for their mobile version.
  • The user experience is non-existent
  • It is impossible to integrate plugins for social networks.
  • Once the web is delivered, you do not have professional advice to improve your presence on the Internet.
  • The images are from free banks, which do not contribute anything or help in positioning.
  • It is impossible to apply SEO strategies.
  • It damages your brand image.
  • The loading speed is slow.
  • They are difficult to manage if you do not have a lot of computer knowledge.
  • They do not adapt to market changes.

As you can see, there are many disadvantages versus advantages. Keep in mind that one of the objectives that you must achieve with your page is to attract your potential customers, and for this it has to be well optimized.

If they see that it is very simple, lacks valuable content and does not contribute anything to them, they will go to your competition! And the money invested, however little it may have been, you will never get it back.

The advantages of a professional website

low cost website

Now that you’re clear that investing in a cheap website won’t bring you any benefits, what do you think if we tell you about the advantages of a professional website, also known as a Premium website?

  • The investment is higher, but in the long run they are cheaper.
  • The template is fully customized and adapts to your business.
  • They are fully optimized for mobile use.
  • The design aims to offer a personalized experience to customers.
  • Plugins can be added, both to improve the web and for social networks.
  • The agency in charge of designing it will advise you at all times, and will help you position your niche in search engines.
  • They are easy to manage, even if you don’t have much use with computers.
  • The content is prepared with the aim of attracting the user, using different SEO strategies.
  • The charging speed is optimal.
  • It gives a feeling of professionalism, improving the image of your brand.
  • It’s easy to apply changes to follow market and Internet trends.

You may be worried about the investment, because it is much higher. But look at it this way; you are investing a capital that you will recover as soon as your website ranks among the top positions of Google’s search engines, capturing more and more customers.

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