Discover how to increase sales in your online store in a short time

Despite everything you have invested in advertising, all the strategies you have carried out… can’t you increase your online sales? Don’t worry, it’s too soon to give up!

Let us give you some tips to get more sales through your online store, very easy to apply!

How to increase your online sales? These are the keys!

As an ecommerce owner, your main goal is to get sales. But, before launching the store or promoting a product, are you sure that you have designed the right strategy?

Optimize your website to the maximum

The first thing is to make sure that your online store is well optimized. In other words:

  • The images of the products are of quality
  • The product sheets detail the most relevant information
  • The different sections (categories) are well distributed and you have chosen the right keywords for them.
  • You have written quality content.
  • You eliminated everything that does not serve or contribute anything to the user
  • The design is simple, attractive and interactive.
  • Everything you have done on your website is designed to capture the attention of your buyer persona.
  • Create an account on the main social networks
  • Make sure you disclose the most relevant information about your business
  • Never copy the structure or design of the competition, do something totally new!
  • Show the items that you are most interested in selling on the home page, after all, it is the showcase of your online store.

With all these changes, you will make your website more interesting for users. If they see it too simple, or lacking in content, they will go to the competition.

Sell through social networks

Nowadays, social media is a fundamental part of our lives and a powerful tool to use to your advantage in order to increase sales in your ecommerce.

Both Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads allow you to sell products through their platform, so when you post about a product, be sure to tag it.

In addition, you can make publications giving information about new products, with a Call to action (Call to action) so that users come to your online store to see it, increasing your traffic and closing the sale.

Create a loyalty program

If there is something that users love, it is that the stores where they have made a purchase remember them. So, you would have to design a loyalty program so as not to lose those you have already converted into customers.

Launch exclusive offers For those who have bought from you before, keep them informed about all the news From your business, the new items… And if they have entered your store, but have left an item in their cart, send them a message to remind them that they did not complete their order and encourage them to do so!

Make sure your website is responsive

optimize responsive web

At another point we have mentioned that you should optimize your online store to the maximum, do you remember? Well, there’s another thing you need to make sure of; that your web page is responsive, that is, it can be accessed and navigated through mobile devices.

The way in which we make our purchases online has changed, in fact, more than 90% of purchases in electronic stores are made through mobile devices. Therefore, if your website is not well optimized to navigate with them, you will lose a lot of sales!

Facilitates payment

If you want to increase your sales, you will have to make sure that your online store has as many payment options as possible.

From the most recurring such as bank transfer or payment by credit card, to the most popular through platforms such as PayPal and Bizum. Another form of payment that users like a lot is cash on delivery, since it generates confidence knowing that yes or yes they will receive their order and then they can make the payment.

Improve customer service

As in physical businesses, in an online store good customer service is essential. You have to try to make it as close as possible.

To do this, it incorporates a chat through which they can contact you faster. If you can’t handle the messages, automate a response letting them know they’ll be picked up as soon as possible.

In addition, it has a contact form through which they can contact you. On the other hand, be sure to highlight the phone number. It’s rare these days, but someone might call you asking for more information.

Finally, create a FAQs section, that is, frequently asked questions. There it answers the most common questions, helping the user to better understand your services.

Bet on competitive prices

When establishing the prices of your products, take into account two factors; the cost of acquiring the products and the price set by your competition.

With these two data you will be able to establish a competitive price with which to be able to face your competitors. Although if your prices are the same as those of other businesses, users may not be interested in you.

For this reason, it assesses whether it would be possible to offer the product at a lower price. Yes, those sales may be a loss for you at first, but in the future it will help you make more profit!

Organize events on social networks to get more followers

Maybe you think that increasing the number of followers on your social networks is useless. But, on the contrary, it will help you gather many users to locate your potential customers!

Hold contests or give away products, telling users to mention friends, follow you and the brand that designed the article… You’ll see how your social networks grow in a short time!

Do you want to increase the sales of your ecommerce? Put yourself in the hands of professionals!

Everything we mentioned in the previous point are very simple strategies that anyone can apply, even if they don’t have much knowledge about marketing or computer science.

Unfortunately, this implies that your competition can also resort to them, and some of you may not know very well how to apply them. If you truly want to increase your online sales, you should apply more advanced techniques such as designing a sales funnel, completely revamping your website, conducting a keyword study based on the search intent of your buyer persona

It doesn’t seem so simple anymore, does it? But you can get it if you put yourself in our hands! We will make sure to choose the most suitable advertising channel for your business.


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