How to get quality links? 7 infallible techniques!

They will have told you about hundreds of ways to position yourself in Google. However, the most effective of all is, without a doubt, the Backlink. Would you like to learn how to get quality links effectively? Keep reading!

Link building, what is it?

We cannot start talking about backlinks without first explaining what Linkbuilding consists of. Link building is a technique to acquire web authority in an “artificial” manner. In other words, it involves the deliberate inclusion of links between pages from different domains (for example, between a URL on your website and a third-party URL).

Now, if we are going to resort to this technique, it is important to consider that if we create links on other websites that direct to ours, they should provide value and not generate spam. And, of course, do it naturally, without creating massive links.

What are backlinks and why does your website need them?

What are backlinks

Linkbuilding strategies aim to get Backlinks, or quality links. But what exactly are they?

A backlink, or link, is a reference in the form of a hyperlink that makes one website to another. With this link we inform Google to take another page into consideration, understanding that we value its content and, therefore, positioning it in the search results.

We could summarize it as these links are recommendations that are made between pages. But what about quality links? They are those that generate quality sources and are aligned with our website.

Techniques to get quality links

The theory seems pretty straightforward, right? But what are the techniques to get backlinks?

Use tools to know the organic traffic of a website

The first technique will force you to do a little research, to know the organic traffic of a website and its evolution over time; tell yourself if you have been penalized, if your positioning has improved…

We are interested in directing links to our page, but if these links come from one that is of poor quality, our ranking in Google will worsen. You have to keep this in mind when accepting links.

So, use the tools to completely analyze the web pages that interest you, or that have offered you Linkbuilding, to see if they are worth it or not.

Write great quality content

Right now you’re thinking: “But isn’t writing quality content just good for ranking in Google using keywords?” Indeed, that is one of the objectives, but it has many other advantages

If you write quality content, and share it on social networks with your contacts, people will generate links organically. Besides, other pages that deal with a similar theme will link you without a doubt. Because? Stay with this answer: Content that is very good is shared“.

Replicate competitor links

get quality links

While you fail to advance, do you see how your competitors rise to the top? Well, take advantage of it to get quality links. Always keeping one thing in mind; Not all the links of your competitors may interest you, even some may not be worth it.

How can we know which ones interest us and which ones do not? Following a few very simple steps:

  • Choose a good competitor: Nothing to analyze 100 competitors. Choose the best in your sector, as it will be the one with a good number of links to analyze.
  • Extra inbound links: Now that you have your competitor selected, enter their domain URL into your SEO tool, which will show you their link authority.
  • Copy all the links to an Excel: Most SEO tools allow you to extract the information directly and create a file in Excel or CVS format. Then you only have to eliminate the ones that are duplicates and divide the information in the following columns; the URL where the link is, the target URL, anchor text, trust indicator and authority indicator.
  • Select those links that are interesting and accessible: This is the hardest step, since you will have to review the competitor’s links one by one, to see if the link is a comment, a forum thread… and if you have a way to get it . To save yourself work, remove those with low authority because they will not interest you.
  • Replicate the links: The last step is to replicate the links, choosing only those that are closely related to your niche.

As you can see, it is a great job, but without a doubt it is one of the techniques to get quality links.

Footprints, how can you help us?

Footprints are commands that allow you to filter searches in Google results. For example, if we put “cheap hotels” in the search engine, said search will give us millions of results from websites that try to position themselves for that keyword.

However, if we use the “site” command, we can narrow the search, allowing us to access the results of a specific website for that keyword. Thanks to this, we can find pages related to ours to get Backlinks.

Use Ahref to get quality links

Ahref is more than just a tool to search for keywords… we can also use it to get very interesting quality links!

broken links

Broken links are those that display the 404 error (either because the page no longer exists or the article in question has been removed). And that does not interest the pages.

Using Ahref, we can detect those “Broken links”. As? Very easy; Search for the keyword you want to rank for, and then click on Broken links. This will show us a result of “the pages that have broken links with that keyword in question“, and, in addition, the domains that link to them.

If we believe that our article or content can be linked to one of those pages, it is enough to contact us, inform them that they have a 404, and that we can replace it.

Guest posting

Techniques to get quality links

As in the previous step, we enter the keyword for which we are interested in getting backlinks, only this time in the filters we will activate the “1 article per domain” option.

In the list that will appear below we can see websites that are related to our theme and, therefore, with which we can obtain quality links for our website.

The mentions

You may never have realized it, but you’ve seen this tactic a million times. When you read a piece of news in a digital medium, have you never noticed that at the end they put something like “source” and then a link to another page?

That is the mentions, in other words, mentioning another page from which you have been able to obtain the content or with which you are complementing it. If you have an informative website, without a doubt it is your best tool to get quality links that give you authority.

Is resorting to Publisuites a good idea?

Publisuites is an advertising Marketplace, that is, a common space where different companies, bloggers, publishers and advertisers meet to establish business relationships through the buying and selling of reviews, sponsored articles and mentions on social networks.

In other words, it is not a platform where we can only earn money, but it can also help us to boost the positioning of our website by finding other niches with the same theme with which to get Backlinks.

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