How to improve and optimize your results in Google Ads

There are many means, tools and strategies to grow your business. One of them is, without a doubt, running campaigns in Google Ads.

However, you will not be successful without good planning beforehand, making sure that you have optimized your campaigns as much as possible. how? Permítenos explicarte como optimizar tus campañas y mejorar tus resultados en Google Ads.

Cómo mejorar y optimizar tus resultados en Google Ads fácilmente con 7 tips

Using Google Ads is actually not complicated. You will find that it is a versatile and interactive tool. However, it is better to learn how to improve and optimize your results if you want to ensure that you have invested your money wisely.

Las pujas automáticas de Google Ads, ¡ahorra tiempo y dinero!

Gracias a las pujas automáticas de Google Ads aprovecharás todo el potencial del algoritmo de Google, optimizando tus pujas en relación con el objetivo principal.

Esto te permitirá…

  • Aumentar la visibilidad de tu marca.
  • Aumentar las visitas de tu web.
  • Obtener más conversiones con tu CPA objetivo.
  • Alcanza el retorno de la inversión publicitaria (ROAS)
  • Obtener más valor de conversión

Optimización de pujas por localización de Google Ads

Analizando tus clientes, y los datos de Analytics, detectarás que hay regiones en las que tus productos se venden más. Puede que parezca obvio, pero te convendría tener esto en cuenta a la hora de configurar tus campañas en Google Ads.

For example, let’s suppose that your products are consumed more in cities than in rural areas, or in a coastal community with warm weather compared to colder regions. Well, you should optimize the budget of your campaigns to take advantage of the optimization of bids by location. With this, you will give more importance to the regions in which the majority of your customers are located.

Design a keyword strategy in Google Ads that works in the long term

To obtain good results with your Google Ads campaigns, having a good keyword strategy is essential.

First of all, analyze the performance reports to detect the target keywords. Of course, don’t forget to include negative keywords to avoid irrelevant clicks and implement brand keywords strategically. Finally, it uses a combination of short (what is known as short-tail) and long (long-tail) keywords, varying its level of concordance.

This is a task that you will have to do when you first set up the account. But, to keep an optimized Google Ads account, you have to adjust the target keywords. Once all of the above is done, you will have to optimize your keyword strategy:

  • Regularly use the Google keyword planner, or the tool that you consider appropriate to find new keywords for your campaigns.
  • Analyze the list of negative keywords continuously to add new terms that may harm your CTR or cause low conversion.
  • Analyze the Google search terms report, to know what your customers were looking for when they saw your ad and clicked. In this way, you can discard the keywords with lower performance.
  • Experiment with different match types to optimize your listing well.

Set the language of Google Ads to personalize your messages

Your potential customers may speak different languages, even if you’re targeting a specific country or region, your campaigns may not reach them.

This tool is capable of analyzing past user searches to interpret that, despite the language configured in your browser, your campaigns may be of interest to you if the language is configured correctly.

Revive your ad groups with remarketing lists

The remarketing lists for search campaigns will allow you to reach those users who have ever visited your website through personalized messages.

Do not dismiss old ad groups, as you can reuse them for a remarketing campaign to capture the attention of users who are already familiar with your brand. Of course, to start with a remarketing campaign, you must have a minimum audience of 1,000 users.

But what strategies can you carry out? Well, for example…

  • Personalization of messagesThe objective is to reach those users who have seen a specific product with a personalized ad, highlighting the benefits it offers and eliminating the barriers that separate them from their purchase
  • Cart recovery in Shopping campaigns: Combine Google Shopping with remarketing lists to get very good results. This will allow you to save many abandoned carts.
  • Combine remarketing lists with broad match: If you already have some experience in Google Ads, you will know that broad match keywords can result in higher competition costs. Now, if you combine it with your remarketing lists, it can increase your profitability.

Test all your variants in Google Ads

Let’s say that, before putting everything into operation, you must ensure the performance of your campaigns. Your budget is tight, so you better optimize your campaigns to the maximum to increase your investment.

Test all the optimizations you make at the campaign and ad group level, making sure that it will mean an improvement in performance. What tool can you use? The best one is Google Ads ad variations.

This way you can include variations of titles, descriptions, promotions and landing pages to optimize your campaigns to the maximum.

Boost your campaigns, and get better results, with an omnichannel strategy

It is important that you keep something in mind, your campaigns must be coordinated with the rest of your marketing actions. Especially if your goal is to build a good sales funnel. For example, you can take advantage of successful Facebook campaigns to optimize your ad sets in Google Ads.

Besides, you can create remarketing campaigns in Facebook Ads in order to impact your website visitors who came through your Google campaigns. This is what is known as an omnichannel strategy.

Before you do anything, let us give you a couple of warnings:

  • It will not do you any good to have a refined strategy and the best optimization if you are directing users to a website with a lousy design. Never carry out an ad campaign if your website is not functional.
  • The second warning is that the success of your business should never depend exclusively on Google Ads. Carry out a marketing strategy that integrates all the channels through which your potential customers communicate with your brands.

We must not forget that each brand, market and customer segment behaves differently. Therefore, to optimize your Google Ads account well, you must continuously test, analyze and optimize, until you have adjusted the message to the characteristics of your audience.

Do you want us to analyze your business and your campaigns? Request your free consultancy!

It is true that Google Ads is a very complete tool, with many functions and quite intuitive. However, for a novice in this world it can be very complicated to use.

You may even be a little scared. After all, you are going to invest your money in advertising campaigns that you do not know if they will allow you to recover your investment. Now, is this the perfect tool for you?

Hire a free consultancy with the professionals of Mikksa Network; We will analyze your business and we will indicate what would be the most recommended strategy to follow for you in Google Ads.


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