How to optimize your advertising on Instagram? 7 infallible tips!

Instagram is one of the best social networks for advertising campaigns. If you do it correctly, it can be very beneficial for your business.

However, it can be somewhat complicated for novices, and various factors must be taken into account that will influence their effectiveness. Let us explain how to optimize your advertising campaigns on Instagram.

How to optimize Instagram campaigns with 7 simple tips

You are ready? We advise you to take good note of what we are going to explain below, because you will need it when you start your campaigns.

Know the places where the ads will be shown

Before getting started, the first thing you have to do is know the places where your ads will be located within the platform. These can appear in three sections:

  • Feed: It is similar to Facebook. The user is the one who scrolls through the publications at will.
  • Stories: Here things change, because to activate it you need to touch the circular avatars at the top of the screen. However, by paying for this type of advertising, the publications will appear on the profiles of people who do not follow you.
  • Explore tab: In this case, it is the Instagram algorithm that decides if your ad may interest the user to interact with it.

When you are going to carry out an advertising campaign on Instagram, you can use different formats, so it is important to choose the one that best suits your objectives. In this way, you will be able to create an ad with a design that attracts your potential customers.

Optimize the content of your ads

In relation to the format that you are going to use for your ad, you will also have to determine the format of the text that will accompany it.

The most important is…

  • Find a title, or first sentence, that captures the user’s attention. In this way, they will be interested in the content and will be encouraged to read it.
  • Keep an image according to what you usually show in your feed. Otherwise, the user will notice that it is advertising and will not pay attention to it.
  • Create an attractive copy, following a Copywriting formula. Thus, you will be able to investigate the needs of the users and provoke the desired reaction.
  • Let your creativity out, and make sure to add value and stand out.
  • Vary the format of your ads, in order to see which ones work best. This way, you’ll know which one your potential customers respond to best.

It is important to note that the content that accompanies the ad should not be too long. Sometimes, it’s better to create a captivating post with a catchy phrase in the image and add some value with a short text, rather than making it extremely long that nobody will read.

Target your ads properly

We probably don’t need to tell you this, but just in case, we’re going to; It is vital that you take segmentation into account.

Think that not everyone is interested in your brand, and that your products or services are aimed at a very specific sector of the population. When you launch a campaign, segment as much as possible in order to reach those potential customers.

Of course this is trial and error. It is possible that you assume that you should target a sector of the population and, in reality, it is another type of segment that interests you. Doing test campaigns, testing with different segments, will allow you to discover which is the one that interests you the most.

The good thing is that Instagram makes it very easy for you with different types of audiences:

  • Custom Audiences: This is where users who have already interacted with your brand are grouped together, in other words, those who have visited your website or shared their information at some point. The great advantage of this type of audience is that you already know which products have shown interest, so you know where to attack.
  • Similar audiences: With this option you can create a custom audience so that ads are shown to followers similar to the ones they have.
  • Retargeting: It will help you reach those customers who have interacted with your brand, but have not completed the purchase process.

Improve reach with a call to action

Calls to action, or calls to action (CTA), can be one of the pieces that determine the success of a marketing campaign.

We explain ourselves; Suppose you have launched a campaign, and it reaches a million people. Reach is important, but you don’t get traffic. What has happened? Very simple: that users do not know very well how to follow that content.

Most Instagram users quickly scroll through posts, focusing on the images but not absorbing the accompanying text or descriptions. Therefore, be sure to include a CTA in the image that draws their attention to the content. In this way, you can direct it to your website or the product/service you want.

Your ads should look native

To increase engagement and generate more clicks, you should ensure that your ads don’t appear as direct advertisements but rather as natural content.

Users should not feel that you are trying to sell them something, but rather that you are going to offer them an experience that is organic. To give you an example: suppose you plan to launch a campaign on a specific product in two weeks.

Before that, make several previous posts related to the topic. After publishing the ad, make other organic posts. With this, you will be able to develop a fluid transition that links your organic posts with the paid ones.

Use the carousels to tell a story

Carousels are one of the coolest features on Instagram. It is a storytelling with which you can publish up to 10 images.

Our advice is to tell a story through a sequence of images, immersing your audience in a visual narrative that highlights the best of your brand. Combine the presentation of the product with the display of images that reflect an experience.

Frame by frame, you will create a connection between the user and the product.

Videos, your best weapon

Instagram users prefer visual content, especially in video format. So why not take advantage of it to optimize your advertising campaigns on Instagram?

Now, this is not to say that it is easy. Think that a video instantly captures the attention of users. Therefore, you should create a video that is engaging, direct, showcases the product or service in detail, and provides an experience that resonates with the user.

Ideally, you should be in the video yourself. In this way, users will put a face to you and know who is behind the brand.

Request a free consultancy with Mikksa Network

You will not find a better platform to expand and improve the visibility of your brand than Instagram. Now, you need to be constant and establish a good marketing strategy.

Will investing in advertising do you any good if you don’t get results? Is it worth risking your budget on campaigns that don’t guarantee sales? What good will what you do if your publications fail to capture the attention of users?

Don’t risk your money in vain! Request your free consultancy and we will have a meeting with you to analyze your business and explain what would be the best strategy to follow.


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