Increase the CTR of your videos on YouTube, 7 infallible techniques!

How well you know, the CTR is very important in SEO. However, in recent years it has gained strength in entertainment platforms, and there are many who wonder, ‘How can I increase the CTR of my YouTube videos?’

Why is it important to increase the CTR of our YouTube videos?

Are you wondering what is the CTR on YouTube? As you know, it is the abbreviation of Click Through Rate, in other words, the percentage obtained by dividing the number of clicks by the number of impressions, and then multiplying by 100. Now, why is it so important for this on YouTube?

Surely you have noticed that there are youtubers with fewer subscribers than you, and yet they get thousands of views. Instead, you have many, but it will not be equated to the number of views of your videos.

Well, for this very reason you must make sure to work the CTR on your YouTube videos, to get the platform to recommend your videos and increase views.

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7 Techniques to increase the CTR of your videos on YouTube

Now, what can you do to increase interaction and retention in the videos on your channel? Pay attention, because we are going to reveal the 7 techniques with which you can improve the CTR in your YouTube videos!

The final screens

The final screens is that space at the end of the video that we dedicate to recommend our subscribers to watch another video on our channel or subscribe to it. However, we do not use them correctly.

We explain ourselves; the final screens appear in the last seconds of the video, at which point up to 4 videos or the button to subscribe to the channel can appear. When this appears on the screen, since the video has not finished, we prevent the viewer from finishing enjoying the content.

So what should we do? Very easy; Before uploading the video to Youtube, edit it and make sure you leave a few extra seconds at the end, in which your channel logo appears, say a few words or whatever you want. It is in these seconds where you must introduce the final screens.

The cards

It is true that cards serve a similar function to end screens, but they offer us more possibilities because we can add them wherever we want and we can use them to include related videos or links to our website.

For example; Imagine that you have uploaded a video about soccer. You could well put a link to your page, a website specialized in soccer, or make a video that deals with the same subject.

The “Community” section

Unfortunately, the community section of the channels is very neglected. And yet, it can help you increase the CTR on your YouTube channel! “How?”, you may be wondering.

This part of your channel allows you to send messages to your subscribers, which will appear in the “subscriptions” tab. You can use this section to conduct surveys, announce an upcoming video to build anticipation, set a reminder that you have uploaded a new video… You can even conduct polls among your followers to gather information that can help improve the channel.


Playlists do double duty; we make the user go from one video to another automatically at the same time that we make them spend more time viewing content from our channel.

In other words, we help the user to view the videos on our channel in a more convenient way, and by offering them a similar or related video, they end up spending more time consuming content!

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Ask for likes and subscriptions to those who see your video!

You may not believe what we are going to tell you now, but it is proven by the best experts in the sector! If you ask for likes, subscriptions or comments, the people who are watching your video will react and they will!

Now, when should you do it? Our advice is to do it at the end of the video, when the final screens appear.

Unlock new content with objectives

Some YouTubers use a technique known as unblocking videos with goals. What does this mean? What do they upload new content when they have achieved “x” likes or likes.

For example, you have uploaded a video and you tell the viewers; “Do you want to know more or do a second part? I will if we reach 20,000 likes!” With a few words, you incentivize viewers to reach that goal, in order to continue consuming.

Mention the best comments on each video

This is nothing new, as YouTubers have been doing it for years. Before ending their videos, they mention the top comments from the previous video on the end screen or simply greet the followers who request it.

A very effective technique, since it encourages user participation and improves your image in front of them. Don’t you believe us? Put it into practice and you will see how it works!

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