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Attract customers in your city.

Make sure the location and contact information of your establishment stand out in Google searches within your city.
Most local businesses rely on directories such as Yellow Pages or search engines like Trivago to get customers.
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With our local SEO service, not only will you no longer depend on these platforms, but you will also become the reference brand for customers in your city.

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"I discovered Miguel on Facebook and he conveyed professionalism, approachability, and transparency to me. They developed my online store and in less than 2 weeks, my first order arrived - I couldn't believe it! If someone can launch your business online with guarantees, it's Mikksa Network."


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Benefits of Quality Website Maintenance.

Attract local searches. They are more likely to convert into visits to your establishment.

Increase the authenticity and proximity of your business. Thanks to its presence on Google Maps and local searches.

Generate more mobile traffic. Local search results on mobile prioritize the distance and relevance of the business.

Get ahead of your competition. Local businesses often limit themselves to using directories, and their websites do not appear in the top results.

Keywords and Local Searches.

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If you were also wondering what local SEO is, let us explain it to you in a simple way so that you understand it well. It is a set of techniques aimed at positioning a physical business located in a certain place.

In this way, when someone searches for, for example, the keywords "SEO agency in Barcelona", one of the results will be Mikksa Network. In summary, local SEO aims to make it easier for your potential customers to find your business ahead of your competition, as long as they make geographically related searches related to your business.

Would you like to enjoy all the benefits of local SEO and use them to your advantage to attract more customers and increase sales? Then, get in touch with us and start benefiting from the local SEO positioning service that we have developed at Mikksa Network. Your customers will thank you!

We optimize your Google My Business.

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As you may know, Google is possibly the king of internet searches. According to the portal BrightLocal, up to 80% of daily searches occur on this search engine. Are you willing to give up 80% more customers? Then your business must be on Google My Business.

It is a fundamental tool to optimize the local SEO of your business, as well as to locate it on Google Maps. However, it is a process that, if you are not familiar with this type of digital tools, can be somewhat complex and cumbersome.

We can do it for you! With our local SEO positioning services, we will register your business on the platform and optimize your profile to start receiving visits as soon as possible. Leave Google My Business local SEO in the hands of Mikksa Network and focus on growing your business.

Optimizamos las Naps en Google Maps

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When we talk about NAP, we are referring to the acronym for Name, Address, and Phone number, which is the name of your business, the address, and the contact phone number. All of this should be displayed correctly and follow a specific format.

Otherwise, you could face penalties from Google that will have a negative impact on local SEO ranking. This can easily translate into fewer visits to your business and fewer sales than you could have made.

This can be avoided by establishing the correct local SEO strategy. At Mikksa Network, we have been successfully implementing these types of strategies for many years. If you also want a substantial improvement in local SEO, contact us and start standing out on Google Maps.

We generate Reviews

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You already know the importance of local SEO, but do you know what is just as important (or even more)? Reviews. Customer reviews are one of the best local SEO tools that can be used. Reviews have become the best way to demonstrate that a business, along with its products and services, is of top quality.

Through your customers' reviews, you can generate trust among potential customers. Surely you have already experienced that feeling of buying something based on its large number of reviews, right? Well, the same thing happens with your business. However, there is a "small" problem: generating reviews is difficult (and costly).

At Mikksa Network, we know how to improve the local SEO of your business through reviews. That's why we use local SEO techniques and tools to encourage user reviews on platforms associated with your business. Request a local SEO analysis now and skyrocket your review count (and sales).