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Only for entrepreneurs and businesses with character. With +1,000 students in Spain and Latin America. Choose Your Digital Path
Miguel Carrión

We are the school for the latest trends in marketing and new digital professions.

We were born with the mission of disseminating digital marketing skills in a 100% transparent and practical way, with a touch of transgression. We love what we do because we help entrepreneurs and small businesses, who have limited resources and therefore need to ensure that their investment in training generates results as soon as possible.

We are passionate about innovation and staying up-to-date with the latest trends in the digital ecosystem. We believe in professional ethics, hard work, and a good sense of humor, both inside and outside of work. Our vision is to become the leading school in the Spanish-speaking market, specializing in the latest trends in digital marketing and new digital professions.

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Only for entrepreneurs and businesses with character
With +1,000 students in Spain and Latin America

Our trainings are unique because we don't just impart knowledge,
we provide you with an execution plan, step by step, designed by professionals.

100% Practical

Immediate application, with step-by-step instructions.

Proven Results

Effective methodologies used with our own clients.

Double Guarantee

Try us out without commitment and generate guaranteed results.

Live Training

Accelerate your results with live group sessions, where we analyze your project.

Expert Support

Get all your doubts resolved and make progress with the assurance of a team of professionals.

Better Quality-Price Relationship

Invest in developing your skills, intelligently.

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Tell us about your challenge

I want to launch my business on the Internet, with a website that actually attracts customers.

My website doesn't appear on Google, nor does it attract visits.

I want to create a dropshipping e-commerce store (without buying or stocking inventory).

I want to update the outdated design of my website.

I want to attract more quality traffic to my business website.


We are so confident in the effectiveness of our programs that all of them include a double satisfaction guarantee.

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Dropshipping PRO

Dropshipping PRO Method

Create your online store, without stock or own products, and attract customers daily.

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Dropshipping PRO

Digital Launch Formula

Launch your business website in 30 days, differentiate it in your sector, apply SEO strategy, and attract high-quality customers.

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Dropshipping PRO

Create your PRO website.

Create your professional website or online store with WordPress, from scratch and without having programming knowledge.

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Dropshipping PRO

ADS Expert

Get on-demand customers and orders with magnetic ads on Google.

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All our programs follow a simple and effective process, designed to facilitate their implementation and the achievement of your goal.

Access Your Online Area

As soon as you have enrolled in your chosen course, you will be able to access your personal training area.

Acquire Skills

Each course is strategically structured into modules, from basic to advanced skills.

Apply Immediately

You just have to follow the instructions, step by step, to put into practice what you have learned.

Resolve Your Doubts

You have support from our team of experts, who will prevent you from getting stuck.

Generate Results

We guarantee that you will obtain results, once you apply the content of each program.

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Frequent questions

Can I take these courses if I have no technical knowledge?

Absolutely, all our training courses include step-by-step explanations that anyone can execute. They are designed for entrepreneurs and business managers, so no prior technical knowledge is required.

How soon will I see results?

Each program has different objectives and a specific execution plan. As a general rule, our programs are designed so that you can see results within a timeframe of 30 to 90 days. We recommend reviewing the pages of each program for more specific information.

What guarantees do you offer?

Our programs include two satisfaction guarantees. Firstly, you can try each course for 15 days without any commitment. Secondly, you can put all the content into practice, and if you don't generate results, our team will help you achieve them.

How do you provide support?

All of our programs include a personal email for student support. Additionally, advanced programs feature live group sessions.

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