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Maintaining a website requires time and technical skills that you probably don't have. ¡Quiero Saber Más!

Focus on growing your business and let us take care of the rest.

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"Mikksa Network created the 2 websites for our business, and they look amazing both in design and effectiveness. We are increasingly better positioned on Google and most importantly, I don't have to worry about anything, they take care of everything."


Sergi Pérez | Urbansabadell.com & Oasisfuerteventurabeach.com


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Benefits of Quality Website Maintenance.

Save time and focus on growing your business. Instead of spending your time on tedious technical tasks, you can focus on serving your customers and increasing your sales.

Avoid security issues or service downtime. You no longer have to worry about viruses or cyber attacks.

Always present the best image: Your online customers will always have the best shopping experience.

CMS, Template and Plugins Update

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Actualización de CMS, Plantilla y Plugins

Did you know that not updating your WordPress template or plugins can make you lose money month after month? Maybe you hadn't thought about it, but neglecting the maintenance of a website can harm the user experience of your customers.

What does this mean? Simply put, if there is no WordPress website maintenance - your CMS - it is most likely that your website will not function as it should. This is something that will create a bad impression on your potential customers and their ability to invest their money in your products and services.

Fortunately, this has an easy solution. With our website maintenance service, you will be guaranteeing your customers an exceptional user experience, which will be rewarded in the form of new sales.

Product and Offer Modification

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Actualización de CMS, Plantilla y Plugins

Surely you have found yourself in the following situation: you have so many products and promotions pending that you feel overwhelmed just thinking about all the modifications you have to make.

Do you realize how many hours it will take you to do a necessary task like this? It's precious and irretrievable time that you will have to spend on a complicated task that you don't even enjoy.

Our professionals in website maintenance can do it for you. Free yourself from this arduous task and focus on what you do best: developing your business. Request a website maintenance quote and regain the time you need for what truly matters.

Publication of Contents

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Actualización de CMS, Plantilla y Plugins

As they say in the world of digital marketing, content is (and always will be) king. Let's be honest: your potential customers come to your online business because you provide them with great value. It's what makes them trust you and purchase your products and services.

However, writing, publishing, and formatting content are several tasks that don't seem complicated until you start doing them. Just like modifying products, these tasks are some of the most time-consuming in a digital business.

Do you want to leave the creation and maintenance of your website in the hands of professionals and dedicate your time to your customers? In that case, contact us and leave the maintenance of your website in the best hands.

High-Security Domain and Hosting

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Actualización de CMS, Plantilla y Plugins

Choosing a good domain and a reliable hosting is essential for the proper functioning of your website. Otherwise, not only will you risk your website experiencing hosting downtime, but your customers may also have difficulty finding you on the internet.

It is common to search for cheap services and save some money in this essential phase of your online business. But surely, you wouldn't skimp on laying the foundation of your house, right? Don't do the same with your business!

At Mikksa Network, you will get the best website maintenance at a highly competitive price, carried out by true experts in the field. Stop worrying about the cost of web maintenance, domain, or hosting. Get our services now and take advantage of our exclusive promotions for new clients.

Fast attention

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Actualización de CMS, Plantilla y Plugins

When you buy something online, one of the things you value the most is customer service, right? We also give great importance to this aspect. Therefore, when you purchase a website maintenance contract with us, you will also be acquiring the most exquisite customer service that your business deserves.

You may have not experienced situations where your website shows the message "website under maintenance" for several weeks, leaving your customers unable to access your products and leaving you without sales overnight.

This is what happens when you leave the maintenance of websites in untested supposed professionals. With the website creation and maintenance service we offer at Mikksa Network, you will have direct contact with us every day, obtaining a fast and effective response to your requests or emergencies.