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Give your online business the foundation it needs to grow.
Before taking any SEO action or strategy, it is essential to identify any pre-existing issues on your business website.
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Whether you want to solve a specific issue or prefer a complete and thorough analysis of your website, you can count on us.

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"My online store was just a showcase for friends and customers of my physical store, sales only came when I advertised. They did a website audit, explained what we were doing wrong, and fixed it. Shortly after, I started receiving sales from Spain, but also from Portugal and France, and most importantly, they are always there when I need them."


Marlene Cruz | Marlenecruz.com


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Why perform an SEO audit?

Improve the results of your content The better the optimization, the higher the positioning and traffic generated by your content.

Detect penalties and infectionsYour website could be affected without you knowing it.

Identify opportunitiesBy simply correcting certain aspects, you can increase traffic and sales.

We Optimize Technique

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Actualización de CMS, Plantilla y Plugins

When we create a website, everything seems to work wonderfully: content loads quickly, there is no excess programming code, there are no virus infections, and the server works perfectly.

As time goes by, what usually happens is that the website loses speed and, therefore, the positioning begins to be affected. Suddenly, we begin to experience some drops in traffic and some errors on the website that did not happen before.

At this point, the most recommended action is to carry out an online SEO audit. But how can you do an online web audit if you don't really know where your website is failing? Don't worry, we take care of analyzing the website's SEO in a comprehensive and effective way.

At Mikksa Network we know exactly what to analyze in an SEO audit and how to analyze a website's SEO for the best results. We will perform a thorough, point-by-point scan to identify issues and carry out the necessary technical optimization to make your website go beyond 100%.

Usability and Conversion

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Actualización de CMS, Plantilla y Plugins

The image of a website is the image of the brand it represents. And in order for it to be perceived by other users as a good, trustworthy brand that they like to buy from, the purchasing process must be simple and intuitive.

If there's one thing users don't like, it's having to make many clicks to buy the product or service they wanted when they enter an online store. Therefore, it is essential that the usability and conversion of the website are optimized correctly.

Therefore, our on-page SEO audit service focuses on analyzing user navigation throughout the page. We perfect the website so that users can make purchases with the fewest number of clicks. Just as your customers want it: easy, fast, and straightforward.

Furthermore, at Mikksa Network we exclusively have one of the most experienced web conversion professionals in the country, who will put his extensive experience at your disposal to perform an SEO audit that converts visitors into customers in a simple and effective way.

Content Quality

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Actualización de CMS, Plantilla y Plugins

Paraphrasing the well-known founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, on the internet "content is king". In fact, everything that happens in companies on a digital level is based on offering good content that provides added value to users and, in turn, positions the brand and improves SEO.

Unfortunately, the content that can be found nowadays on many websites is often of questionable quality. We tend to find pages whose content is focused solely on positioning, leaving aside the value provided to the user. This is totally counterproductive if we want to capture that user and turn them into a loyal customer.

At Mikksa Network, we have carried out hundreds of SEO audits and we can affirm that, unfortunately, it is a very common situation. Fortunately, we know how to conduct a thorough SEO audit to identify all the errors related to web content.

We will analyze all the content to ensure that there is no duplicate content on your business pages. We make sure that there is no classic keyword cannibalization or over-optimization of content. And in case you don't have content, we will provide you with valuable content creation that engages and generates sales.

Profile of Incoming Links

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Actualización de CMS, Plantilla y Plugins

Generating inbound links that point to your website is a well-regarded practice by Google and highly beneficial for web positioning. Inbound links are seen as valuable information to determine a page's authority: if many websites link to your page, it will be considered important and therefore have a higher ranking on search engines.

Many people are confused about link building in SEO, and unfortunately, many self-proclaimed SEO experts take advantage of this by building links that do not add value and, in fact, may harm your website's ranking in search engines.

So that incoming links are beneficial and well-regarded by Google, they must be related to the main theme of your business. And this is something that not all agencies take into account when conducting an online technical web audit.

At Mikksa Network, we know what an SEO audit is and how to perform an SEO audit to generate results. That's why we will thoroughly analyze each and every link pointing to your website. We will eliminate harmful links and generate new high-quality links to help your website gain the authority it needs in search engines.

Mobile Version

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Actualización de CMS, Plantilla y Plugins

We check the browsing experience on mobile devices.

In today's world, the usability of a website in its mobile version is given the highest importance. In fact, studies suggest that mobile internet traffic now represents 51.98% of global internet traffic, surpassing searches carried out on computers and laptops.

The problem that often occurs on many websites is that, despite their desktop version being correct, their responsive mode - their adaptation to mobile - is not optimized. This leads to users feeling uncomfortable and leaving the website. To avoid this loss of potential customers, it is highly recommended to carry out a complete page SEO audit conducted by a leading agency in the sector.

Therefore, hiring a mobile SEO audit with Mikksa Network is synonymous with guarantees. We optimize every detail so that the mobile and tablet versions are as simple and intuitive as the desktop version. We will perfect the usability on smartphones to provide your users with the comfort and simplicity they need to become customers.

Perhaps you are now wondering how much a mobile SEO audit of this type costs. But don't worry, because unlike other agencies, at Mikksa Network we adapt to your needs and can perform an SEO audit at affordable prices. Contact us and request a quote without any commitment!