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We remove harmful links, overcome your penalty, and recover your website traffic.
Your website is exposed to multiple threats that can harm its ranking and your business's sales. Sometimes, inadequate security measures make it vulnerable to attacks. In other cases, bad link building practices or poor content ruin your SEO.
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Thanks to the deployment of our security measures and our link cleaning protocols, your business website will regain all its potential.

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"I met Miguel Carrión and his agency Mikksa Network through a recommendation, and since then the growth of my website has been impressive, a 3000% in the last few months thanks to their positioning work."


Dani Aragón | Musicalizza.com


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Benefits of Quality Website Maintenance.

Recover your trafficBy regaining organic search engine rankings, website visits increase.

Recover your salesA higher number of visits results in more sales.

Improves the image of the businessThe quality of the contents positively influences the perception of the users.

Increase your securitySecurity measures are the best guarantee of the continuity of your online business.

SEO diagnosis

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Actualización de CMS, Plantilla y Plugins

Often, when analyzing a website's metrics and results, people tend to be shocked when visits and sales suddenly start to decline, without really knowing why.

Despite not having made significant changes, it is common for sudden declines to occur due to Google's famous penalties. The algorithm of this search engine has no mercy when a website does not follow its guidelines.

Perhaps you are wondering what an SEO penalty is and whether your website is actually suffering from one or more of them. A Google SEO penalty is a punishment from Google for not performing tasks correctly that they consider important for ranking your website as high as possible in search engines.

To avoid Google penalties or counteract them if you have already received them, it is essential to perform an in-depth SEO diagnosis. At Mikksa Network, we consider this aspect as the turning point to propel your digital business towards success again."

We will conduct a thorough analysis to detect Google penalties and their causes. With the results obtained, we will get to work to take your website beyond where it was before contacting us."

SEO On-Page

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Actualización de CMS, Plantilla y Plugins

As you may already know, on-page SEO deals with all the factors within a website that Google takes into account when ranking. That's why it's essential to detect Google penalties in on-page SEO so that your website can rank higher in search engines.

The problem is that often on-page SEO is not optimized as it should be, and that's where various types of Google SEO penalties arise. One of the most common is virus infections, which can undo years of work in just a few days. These viruses slow down the website's loading time, and in most cases, this results in an SEO penalty.

Another common type of Google penalty is for low-quality content. It's all too common for people to copy content from other websites and paste it verbatim on their own, which doesn't add anything new for the user and Google knows it. This often leads to the classic Google penalty for duplicate content.

At Mikksa Network, we know them all, but the best part is that we know how to remove a Google penalty quickly and effectively. With our Google penalty consulting, we will make an initial contact and show you the steps we will take to identify Google penalties.

Once we get to work, the first thing we will do is carry out a complete Google penalty analysis where we can identify the exact problems that your website is facing so that we can then provide a solution. Your on-page SEO will be sanitized and optimized so that you no longer suffer penalties and can become number one in your niche on Google again.

Removal of Harmful Links

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Actualización de CMS, Plantilla y Plugins

We have talked about the classic penalties for slow loading times and duplicate content, but they are not the only penalties that can harm your business. There is also another Google penalty on websites that can be caused by third parties with the intention of removing your website from search engines, and this is the penalty for harmful links.

Just as you can use links in your blog content that link to and point to other websites with content related to your topic, other websites can also do the same by linking to your website.

But similarly, other websites that have nothing to do with your topic may be intentionally linking to you to confuse Google and make its algorithm reduce your authority in searches, that is, to make you drop positions in its ranking.

Any website is susceptible to being targeted by these attacks and their corresponding penalties, but you can't let that affect the future of your business. Detecting the Google penalty for backlinks in time is essential to maintaining the flow of visitors, potential customers, and future sales.

And that's where Mikksa Network comes in. Through our Google penalty advisory service, we will identify which websites are linking to your business. Once we verify the Google penalty, we will not only remove harmful links and the penalty, but we will also replace them with high-quality links that allow Google to position you as a leader in your niche once again.

Backlink Monitoring

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Actualización de CMS, Plantilla y Plugins

We monitor the new links to ensure their quality.

You have already seen how important it is to check Google penalties for harmful backlinks - the toxic links pointing to your website. Otherwise, you may be rapidly dropping positions in search engines without even realizing it, something that will dramatically affect your visits and conversions.

To prevent it and act in time, it is highly recommended to contact the best professionals and start a Google penalty consulting like the one we have made available at Mikksa Network.

This service is one of the most demanded by our clients. And the reason is that, on the Internet, you can find a lot of information about how to set up a website, how to write content, and many other things related to digital marketing. However, when Google penalties come and stall your business, finding a solution can be complex.

In fact, that was the case for one of our most special clients: Dani Aragón, Deputy Director of Los 40 Principales. His website, Musicalizza.com, suffered an intentional attack through which a virus was installed that sent thousands of harmful links to pages that had nothing to do with his theme.

A problem that several supposed experts he contacted could not solve, but Mikksa Network, through its great team and professional tools, could effectively remedy to remove the penalty and bring Musicalizza back to over 100,000 monthly visits. If you want professionals to review and solve your Google penalties once and for all, don't hesitate: Mikksa Network is the agency you need.