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Watch out for spammy links!

Be careful with spammy links! Many SEO agencies and so-called professionals buy and create low-quality links for their clients, making them believe that they are helping them.
These bad practices can harm your website's ranking, and fixing it requires a difficult cleaning process. At Mikksa Network, we focus on quality over quantity.
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Perhaps your company can't compete with big brands by investing huge sums of money in generating links. What it can do is focus on quality and local links.

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Benefits of link building

Greater AuthorityQuality links generate authority, both in the eyes of Google and the users who visit the web pages where your business is mentioned.

Improved positioningThis increase in authority benefits the Google positioning and organic traffic received.

More quality traffic In addition to organic traffic, websites that link to you also send visits from interested users.

Outperform your competition. Businesses don't know how to create quality links and can be easily surpassed.

Quality Links

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Actualización de CMS, Plantilla y Plugins

When it comes to positioning your digital business in the top positions of Google, there is a practice that is really effective but is usually not done correctly. As a result, this practice not only does not usually generate the desired effect, but it also ends up penalizing your website, reducing its positioning. This practice is known as SEO link building.

Many people have heard the term, but don't really know what link building is. The definition of link building SEO would be, in summary, the digital marketing strategy that consists of obtaining quality external links that point to our website to improve rankings in search engines.

At Mikksa Network, we are aware of the bad practices that are commonly carried out, which allows us to know how to do good link building that generates results. We will perform a complete analysis of all external SEO links to identify and eliminate those that are penalizing your website.

Our link building services also include obtaining high-quality links from websites related to your business theme. This ensures that you are attracting the right users interested in your products and services, making it easier to generate conversions and sales.

Local Links

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Actualización de CMS, Plantilla y Plugins

After searching on the Internet for the classic terms like 'what is link building' or 'how to do link building', you will have an approximate idea of what this technique consists of. However, to carry out effective link building strategies that generate results, you need to establish goals. And one of them is to locate your potential clients.

It is necessary to identify the target audience that your digital business is trying to attract. The same content and SEO links will not be created for a national audience as for users in a specific community, city or town.

At Mikksa Network we take this important aspect into account when carrying out quality link building. That's why we focus on generating quality geolocated links based on the location of your potential customers. This way, we will attract to your website only those users who are interested in your products and services.

Our link building agency has a wide network of contacts and excellent collaborations with businesses and digital media throughout the national territory. This allows us to establish the link building strategy that your business needs to climb positions in search engines and increase sales.

Link Monitoring

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Actualización de CMS, Plantilla y Plugins

The importance of link building is a fact. Getting links that drive traffic to your website from pages with a similar theme is a strategy that proves to be essential for quickly and effectively growing your business.

However, although many agencies know how to do link building and know the steps to carry it out, they often neglect a fundamental aspect that we consider essential: monitoring.

Monitoring refers to measuring the results obtained after implementing the SEO external links and internal links strategy. It is necessary to ensure that the links are generating the desired results. Otherwise, the strategy will be ineffective and it will be necessary to optimize it again.

At Mikksa Network, we don't waste a minute and take the essential measures from the beginning. We make sure that all the links pointing to your website are located in the best positions of the articles and come from pages with high authority related to your theme. Request your link building budget without obligation and start climbing positions on Google today!"