How to put labels on YouTube, the 5 secret tips!

You’re probably tired of hearing things like, “Never forget to add tags to your videos” or “Make sure to optimize the tags on your YouTube videos. You’re probably tired of hearing things like, “Never forget to add tags to your videos” or “Make sure to optimize the tags on your YouTube videos.

What are Youtube tags?

First of all, one thing must be clear; tags do not make your videos rank on Youtube. They help, but they don’t position themselves. Its objective is to inform YouTube what they are dealing with.

This is the information that the platform’s algorithm uses to display content in search results, and it can make a difference between achieving success in terms of views or not getting any at all.

What are Youtube tags

5 tips to correctly use YouTube tags

Would you like to learn how to correctly use YouTube tags? Pay attention to the 5 tips that we are going to reveal to you below!

multiple seo tags

When using tags a very common mistake is made; use only keywords along with their derivatives. However, to be successful, you have to use words that are related to the video but are not necessarily related to each other.

For example, suppose you make a book summary in a video. Tags should include the word “book summaries” and “the title of that book,” along with other words. You will see that, in the end, they are not related to each other, but they give you very good results.

Copied seotags

Can’t you think of the keywords you can use to position your videos? However, don’t worry, you can obtain them from other YouTubers’ videos! Just make sure to take note of the first three/four keywords they use in their tags.

Now, how can you see what labels they have? With an extension for your browser, such as Tags for Youtube or VidiQ. If you don’t want to install extensions, you can see the tags in the source code of the page. Simply press the right button on your computer, and in the options go to “View page source code” (or CTRL+U). Look for “Tags” and all the words that come up from that point are the keywords they use for that video.

Intuitive seo tags

It is true that following the previous strategy we can obtain very interesting keywords for our tags. However, it is what everyone does! So we recommend you complement it with another strategy; intuitive seotags.

What does it consist on? In taking advantage of the mistakes we make when writing when conducting an Internet search. For example, if you’re preparing a cooking video and making “chicken croquettes,” you can use words like “chicken chocretes” or “chyccken croquettes” as tags. Why? To get results with people who inadvertently misspell it. Of course, never abuse these types of labels. Just four or five words at most.

Related video seo tags

A very powerful tool, with which you will get traffic through the videos that are already positioned. How can you do it? By following these steps!

  1. It opens an incognito window so that they show you the real results, not those related to your browsing history.
  2. Put in the YouTube search engine the keyword that is related to your video.
  3. Enter the first video and stop it.
  4. Look at the first video that appears in the suggestions, that is the one that interests you.

Once you enter that video, use the app (or the source code) to get the words they use in the tags. They may not be related to your video at all, but you want to appear as a “suggested video”, so that people click.

brand seotags

What we will do here is include the name of our brand or the one we are talking about in the video. For example, if we analyze a product, we can include the brand name of that product, as well as the name of our company, our name on YouTube…

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